A real-time translation app for use in the classroom.


  • Clarification

  • Multi-Language Support

  • Live Transcript

  • Downloadable Transcript

  • Easy to Use Interface

How to Use the Translator

No passwords, no usernames, no account setup, no loss of data. ClassTranslate is free and just works on a page visit.
All you have to do is:
1. Select your primary and secondary languages.
2. Start typing!


A live transcript of conversation will be shown on the right side corner for review, and an aditional transcript is available for download when the "Download Transcript" button is pressed.

How is ClassTranslate Different?

ClassTranslate is specifically made for classrooms.
- There is a live clarification box to make sure what you say is actually what you mean.
- Transcript logs can be downloaded for later review.
- Multi-Language support
- Easy and understandable user interface

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