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If I was in a place where I didn’t know anybody, I didn’t know the language, it would be hard for me, and I would want help. That's what I felt for these students. I wanted to help, so I created ClassTranslate
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Created to help international students in American schools translate their lessons from English to their native language. Unlike other translation apps, ClassTranslate is specifically made for classrooms, allows students to download their language transcripts, offers multi-language support and provides live clarification to ensure students are typing lessons and conversations accurately.



ClassTranslate offers many features that some other translation programs do not offer, mainly because it is centered towards use in the classroom.- Transcript Download      
- Language Clarification   
- Live Transcription           
- Multi-Language Support
- Simple to use Interface  
All of these features, and more help make ClassTranslate the ideal app for classroom translation.



ClassTranslate was created in two parts, the front-end, and the back-end.The front-end handles the User Interface, and tells the back-end what it needs, as far as translations.
The front-end was created in Vanilla JS, along with HTML and CSS.
The back-end was created in python, and since creation of ClassTranslate has been recoded for up to 10x faster loading speeds. Default translations of the page are now stored on the disk instead of in RAM on server load.



In the future I hope to further increase ClassTranslate's speed, and expand on the User Interface to make it more pleasent. I have been experimenting with different ways to process translations locally, instead of using Google Translate. Some of these include AI and Machine Learning models, and in turn should be much faster (50k words per second translations!) I also hope to add more features that will further help classrooms in need of translation.



ClassTranslate was my entry for the 2022 Congressional App Challenge. With this I recieved some recognition from press, and will be listed below.

About Me

Hey... I'm Jace

A 14-year-old application developer

I specialize in Backend Development, and love working with others.
My favorite programming language to work with is Python, mainly because it is the first language I ever learned. I am also fluent in JavaScript.

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